Thought of the day: PUBG!

  PUBG, Player Unknown Battleground, has become a trending word and coolest game launched so far for those nerds who find themselves struggling to play Fortnite and Counter-Strike. Also its available on mobile platforms as well. If you still aren’t aware of this game then you definitely need a ‘time stone’ to travel faster enough […]

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I took a pill at Basketball Court

  You failed yourself. There’s no way out. Give up. You cannot express. You are meant to be bullied. You are too depressed. A stick of cigarette will surely pull you back out of depression. You are just a burden to society. You lack conviction. You will always fail. Why you live. There’s a bridge […]

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Ant-Man and the ‘Snap.’

Hear me and Rejoice!! So I have been drinking a lot of truth serum to swallow the fact that Marvel Studio’s Ant-Man and the Wasp has nothing new to offer. Apart from some good laughs (better than Ant-Man), the sequel miserably fails when it comes to thrill and nail-biting action sequences. But this isn’t any movie […]

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Bend it like, Alireza.

He became well known for his looks after the first match against Nigeria and now this Iranian goalkeeper has become everyone’s favourite after he pulled off an impossible penalty save to cease Ronaldo in a nail biting match between Portugal and Iran. Being born in a nomad family, Alireza Beiranvand journey to FIFA World Cup […]

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Quidditch in my backyard.

  That’s not how you tease a new franchise on the line of Harry Potter. But relax, Harry Potter had a duel with Voldemort, the Dark Lord is gone now. May be he’ll be back, who knows (except J.K Rowling) but what’s left behind after the end of a magical journey of Harry Potter was […]

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Fifa World Cup 2018: Predictions.

Who deserves to win FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia?   This is the one question that cannot be asked in ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ because four options won’t be enough. Surely answer must blink green on Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, England or Spain. But it seems like scenes have changed. For instance, Iceland vs Argentina, […]

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